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Mastering Roses Series


Welcome to our educational series "Mastering Roses"

This series is designed to teach you how to paint freehand roses. Paint them as an artist without a pattern and make each rose an individual element in your painting style. Patterns are included in each book for reference and sizing, but the goal is to learn how to freehand paint. 

The series starts with volume 1 which gives you all the basic concepts of the rose. Shape, temperature, form and edges are vital components to a beautiful rose composition and volume 1 will begin your educational journey. Following volume 1 we will take you on a 10 + book journey showing some of the techniques our artists like to use to create different looks with freehand roses.

final-roses-in-brass-store-ad.jpgEach book features at least 4 lessons to help you practice the concept shown in that book. Each lesson features over 40 step by step photos for the paintings shown.

Please note; All the books are independent, which means you can buy them out of order, however, Volume 1 is necessary to paint the other volumes. The concepts shown in volume 1 are used in other volumes but to conserve pages, we only cover them in depth in volume 1.