Downloading our Products
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Downloading our Products

How to download our products

First thank you for your purchase.  We hope you will enjoy your download.  When you receive the notification of the download, it comes with a limited number of attempts.  This is done for security reasons.  If you have any trouble, contact us at and we will be happy to add additional downloads.  We understand some connections are difficult and several attempts are needed.

Click here to find Pattern Packets


From your download page sent to you, right click on the link and select the "save as" or "save target" feature. then begin the download. 


Suggested Programs

We highly recommend the Mozilla Firefox Browser for download. Here is a link if you do not have it installed.

There are version for both PC and Mac.

It is the fastest and most secure.  We recommend that you install a download manager such as;

Down Load Them All..


This program allows the download to continue if you have to interrupt the download for any reason.  Without it, you have to start the download all over again.  This saves you time and in some cases your bandwidth from you account.

Viewing our files

Our files use standard internet programs that should come installed automatically on your computer.  If you do not have these, and have trouble viewing the files, make sure you update with the new versions of these files

Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer.. This is used to view PDF files.

This will install automatically. 

Enjoy your digital media from Jansen Art Studio.  You need a PDF, flash or video viewer to view our files, please click these links to install them.  They are free.