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DVD A500 - Freehand Painting Education

a500-category.jpgThis is our A500 Series of DVDs.  These DVDs are produced in conjunction with Amazon.  Our new expanded video series is designed for those who want to learn how to freehand paint.  As such, during the video David will show you how to start from a sketch and build the painting.  We present more indepth artistic education in these videos, designed to develop your own artistic skills. These videos do not include written instructions or patterns as they are intended to teach you artistic skills associated with "fine art" education.

These DVDs are available for purchase from our studio or Amazon direct so Amazon Prime members can save shipping costs.   Why buy from Amazon CreateSpace?  Amazon has better international and domestic shipping rates that are not available to small businesses.  If you are an international customer, we recommend you check our Amazon CreateSpace links for better shipping rates.

Some titles are offered for a limited time by our studio.  Some titles will only be available from Amazon.  Please check each title and click the link to purchase.