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B5032 Mastering Roses Vol. 5- Large Brush Techniques

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Product Description

final-large-brush-roses-store.jpgB5032 Mastering Roses Vol. 5- Large Brush Techniques. 

Painted with limited palette and 1 3/4 inch brush.  Learn the secrets.

With this next step in our rose lessons David will show you how to use just 1 brush, the large 3/4 in fusion flat to paint the entire painting. Several years ago David taught a seminar using only 1 large brush. This forces your creative thinking to move in new directions, breaking habits and forcing you to use a brush in new ways. If you have "habits" and can't find the casual edge to your brush then these are the lessons for you. These 4 paintings will develop new painting ideas for you. Learn to use all parts of the brush. Nothing can beat the large brush for adding a casual flair to your paintings, and it follow what the premiere alla prima painter John Singer Sargent said about painting, "an artist should always use the largest brush possible to make a color statement."  

This book presents a whole new direction in learning roses. The 3/4 inch brush and associated techniques will open your eyes to new looks for your roses. How do you paint casual? How do you make all the roses a little different and not so stiff? These are the lessons for you. Let's try something completely different and learn how to make a beautiful spray of roses with just one large brush! You can do this and it is fun!

step-photo-33-store.jpgOver 40 step by step photos with each lesson.  4 lessons detailing the different techniques David uses to develop both structured and casual rose paintings.  This book will build on the basics shown in volume 1.  Time to loosen up that brush and try some fun painting using only 1 large brush!



This series uses the Paint It Simply Beginner Color Kit and the following colors;

Pine Green

Burnt Sienna

Yellow Oxide

Quinacridone Violet

Dioxazine Purple




JUST ONE!  3/4 inch Fusion Flat


All lesson painted on 11X 14 wood panels.


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