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Heritage Education Module 3 Rosemaling


Heritage Education Module 3 is a wonderful educational experience for those that want to try your hand at rosemaling for the first time, or gain a wider depth of knowledge and creativity. Developed by David Jansen, Jessica Jansen and our Heritage Designer, Tamae Inoue, this module features the core lessons based on historical styles and techniques along with several modern adaptations of the styles presented in additional books and DVD format.


The Heritage Education Module 3 Core Lessons consists of 11 DVDs showing 11 styles and scroll techniques. This module also includes a full color book with over 180 + pages of history, techniques and step by step photos of the core lessons. From there the team will present 4 more books featuring concentrated design information, contemporary alternatives and additional techniques. Each book will feature 3 styles presented in various techniques. If you want to learn both the historic and new contemporary styles of rosemaling, join David, Jessica and Tamae and lets paint the Module 3 together.