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Color Family Set 5: Blue-Violets

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Phthalo Blue    Ultramarine Blue     Sapphire Blue     Cerulean Blue     Dioxazine Purple 

HA24 Phthalo Blue Pure Color: PB 15:3 Semi-Transparent Neutral Value: 2 Intensity: H An intense and powerful mixing blue. It hue shifts toward green when mixed with earth colors. Use caution- a little goes a long way! Phthalo Blue + Black make Prussian Blue Hue. Mix with Burnt Sienna and oranges for greys.

HA26 Ultramarine Blue Pure Color: PB29 Semi-Transparent Warm Value: 2-3 Intensity: H-I A safe, synthetic variation of the Lapis Lazuli pigment. The full bodied, pure, bright color is seen by pulling the paint transparently. This pigment leans slightly violet and is the perfect pigment for mixing purples and greens. Compare it’s mixing strength to the more powerful Phthalo Blue.

HA27 Sapphire Blue Color Mix: PB15:3 + PB29 + PBk7 + PW6 Warm Opaque Value: 3-4 Intensity: E-F A convenient and popular mixed blue. Since it contains both Phthalo and Ultramarine Blues, Sapphire is a versatile spectrum blue. It pairs well with Prussian Blue Hue (Phthalo Blue + Carbon Black).

HA28 Cerulean Blue Pure Color: PB35 Cool Opaque Value: 4 Intensity: F-G A brilliant blue with the Latin name for sky, this iis a nontoxic tin based replacement for dangerous Chromium Oxides. Its pure clear color is a popular staple in watercolor palettes. Mix soft greys with Burnt Sienna. 

HA31 Dioxazine Purple Pure Color: PV23 Transparent Cool Value: 1-2 Intensity: G ASTM Class 2 - Good Lightfastness Close to a spectrum violet, it is a complement for toning yellows.  Appears cooler than some blues and works well in shadows. Maintain intensity while cooling reds.

Heritage MultiMedia Acrylics are a water based non toxic resin acrylic. The binding system contains a 360º coating agent that protects the pigment and improves the overall lightfastness of the color. Dry as needed with a hair dryer and clean up with soap and water.

Heritage MultiSurface Sealer and Varnishes contain UV inhibitors to further protect surfaces. This is especially important when working with delicate papers in decoupaged designs.

For Acrylic techniques, use with water. Out of the tube, they have an approximate drying time of 20 minutes depending on the humidity level in a room.

For Global techniques (oil emulation), use with Extender Medium. By evaporating the water out of the paint and replacing it with Extender you can add hours to the drying time. 


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