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Color Family Set 4: Greens

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Pine Green     Phthalo Green-Blue     Phthalo Green-Yellow     Carbon Black     Titanium White 

HA19 Pine Green Mixed Color: PBr7RS + PB15:3 + PY83 Warm Opaque Value: 3 Intensity: E A warm vibrant green that pairs especially well with yellow tones. Beautiful earth tones can be mixed with additions of Red Violet.

HA22 Phthalo Green-Yellow Pure Color: PG36 Semi-Transparent Neutral Value: 3 Intensity: H-I This a strong pure mixing green that leans toward the yellow side of the color spectrum. A great replacement for many toxic and fugitive pigments including Viridian Green (PG 18) and Earth Green (PG 8).

HA23 Phthalo Green-Blue Pure Color: PG 7 Semi-Transparent Neutral Value: 2 Intensity: H This a powerful mixing green that leans to the blue side. Mix brilliant teals and cool greens. Pairs well with Hansa Yellow and Diarylide Yellow. A good replacement for the fugitive Emerald Greens from the 18th Century. 

HA35 Titanium White Series 1 Pure Color: PW6 Neutral Opaque Value: 10 Intensity: A-B A pure nontoxic white. Since it is a powerful neutral, it can cool and tone a color mix.

HA42 Carbon Black Series 1 Pure Color: PBk7 Neutral/Cool Opaque Value: 1 Intensity: A-B This is an strong pigment that leans slightly green. Add Yellows to create olive greens. Mix rich browns by adding Reds. 

Heritage MultiMedia Acrylics are a water based non toxic resin acrylic. The binding system contains a 360º coating agent that protects the pigment and improves the overall lightfastness of the color. Dry as needed with a hair dryer and clean up with soap and water.

Heritage MultiSurface Sealer and Varnishes contain UV inhibitors to further protect surfaces. This is especially important when working with delicate papers in decoupaged designs.

For Acrylic techniques, use with water. Out of the tube, they have an approximate drying time of 20 minutes depending on the humidity level in a room.

For Global techniques (oil emulation), use with Extender Medium. By evaporating the water out of the paint and replacing it with Extender you can add hours to the drying time. 


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