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  • Disk 1- Beginning Technique- Learning Solvent, Soften and Removal Strokes.
  • Disk 3- Flowers and fruit shapes.  Painting on colored backgrounds.
  • Disk 2- Varying the strokes for different looks.
  • Disk 5- Painting on a Porcelain Surface
  • Disk 4- Bischoff's Technique.  Painted on 18 inch wood plate.
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Heritage Porcelain Technique (Download)


Product Description

DVD4026- Heritage Porcelain Technique


This summer we are introducing a new painting technique that we are sure our artists will enjoy.  It is very versatile in looks and will allow each artist to develop their own styles.  We will begin the introduction of this technique with the release of a "Seminar in a Box" DVD set.  This 5 DVD set will feature 9 paintings, detailed explanations of the technique with many painted samples.  5 paintings painted completely under HD Video camera so you can see the technique and 5 different variations of the technique in full HD color and detail.  We will also include 4 other paintings with 50+ step photos for each and detailed written lessons.   David will also be including a special "Porcelain Color Theory" presentation which shows the use of several concentrated Heritage Pigments and the various looks you can achieve with them.  Learn "Porcelain Color Theory!"

This series will start with some beginning techniques and simple designs.  From there we will advance to some more complicated applications of the technique.  Each artist can adjust the technique to their desired taste.  It is very forgiving.   The technique can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces and this will be explained in detail throughout the video series.
Global Art Supply will also be adding a new forum which will help all students of this technique.  There you can share your photos and discuss with teachers some of the various looks and variations of the technique.  

Lets start a summer of painting with a new, fun, fast and exciting way to paint.  Join us as we create new beautiful works of art!


These are the brushes used in the techniques presented.   

GAB01 - Watercolor # 4 Round
GAB07 3/4 Inch Oval Wash Watercolor- Used to "blur" and soften colors.
GAB13- 3/4 Inch Flat Brush- Fusion
GABSK03 Fusion Flat Set, Filberts could also be used.
Kemper Wipe Out Tool

Colors For the Series and Techniques
Throughout the series, we will be showing some color education on these colors and how to vary them to find your own "personal palette".
Here is the basic "Painting Palette" for the Porcelain Technique.
Hansa Yellow
Yellow Oxide
Raw Sienna
Phthalo Green Blue
Pine Green
Ultramarine Blue
Phthalo Blue
Diox. Purple
Red Violet
Brown Madder
Naphthol Red Light
Titanium White
Carbon Black
Raw Umber
Burnt Umber
Burnt Sienna

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