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Brush Hair Trio Set

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#1 Bristle Filbert or Flat

#6 Fusion Filbert or Flat

#6 Synthetic Filbert or Flat


Boar Bristle
Stiff white hair for moving thick paint

The hog hair bristle is one of the oldest and most traditional brushes. The very stiff hair easily pushes around large amounts of thick paint.
Our versions have long bristles to keep their tips a little soft. Try holding this brush very flat to create unique edges in clouds, trees, and water.

Acrylic Synthetic
Highly responsive golden filament 

This high-quality acrylic hair was designed for the thick bodied properties of Heritage MultiMedia Acrylics.
Softer than the Bristle and stiffer than the Fusion, the Synthetic brush hairs snap quickly to the movement of your hand. A perfect intermediate brush for creating clean edges, crisp lines and smooth scrolls.

Fusion Ersatz
Soft & absorbent faux squirrel hair

Developed for watercolor techniques, this highly absorbant hair mimics the working properties of soft squirrel brushes.
Use these versatile tools to explore a wide range of alla prima acrylic methods and oil emmulations. Learn to control your edges with a Fusion brush in our Paint It Simply lessons.

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