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Paint It Simply Concept Lessons

paint-it-simply-brochure-fronts.jpgFun, Fast and Easy for Beginners to Advanced Lessons

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Paint It Simply Lesson Guide

From beginning concepts showing the structure of simple stroke roses to applying those same concepts to more advanced flower shapes, you will learn how to paint with less pattern, paint with fewer colors, and paint faster than you could have imagined.

Each lesson builds on each other applying the same artistic concepts so you learn through repetition and brush caligraphy development.  Lessons will be presented in both written, and video form.

All lessons feature the same 6 color beginning palette or the 14 color advanced palette.  All Lessons use 1- 6 basic brushes.

Enjoy your painting today!  Limited your colors and brushes.  Have unlimited fun painting when you take control of your artistic journey with Paint It Simply.