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Advanced Brush Set for Paint It Simply

Advanced Brush Kit
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Product Description

Here is an expanded variety of Paint It Simply brushes. This kit is also used in our Heritage Education Module 2 Program.  Three types of brush hairs are represented: Fusion/Watercolor,  Bristle, and Acrylic. Bristle brushes are stiff and allow you to push thick paint around for added texture. Synthetic Acrylic hairs are softer than Bristle brushes and stiffer than the Fusion hairs. Acrylic hairs are springy and rapidly return to their original shape. The grey hairs are a synthetic squirrel hair, they are very soft and hold a lot of moisture. They are very responsive to the pressure from your hand and will paint a vast array of subjects and surfaces. Expand your techniques even further with a painting knife.

Often in these lessons, the shape and the exact size of the brush is interchangeable. You can substitute a flat for a filbert or a #4 with a #6 and still get a great result. However, the most important aspect of these brushes is the hair that they are made from.  Wash with soap and water. Dress with a touch of Extender Medium, if desired, for added protection against drying paint.

This set includes:

GAB13- 3/4" Watercolor Flat

GAB01- #4 Watercolor Round

GAB29- #2 Fusion Filbert

GAB30- #4 Fusion Filbert

GAB31- #6 Fusion Filbert

#5 Painting Knife

HAB09- #6 Acrylic Flat

GAB38- #6 Fusion Flat

GAB39- #8 Fusion Flat

GAB40- #10 Fusion Flat

HAB40- #1 Bristle Filbert

HAB41- #4 Bristle Filbert

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